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Moving and managing your business and operations
in cloud must be easy, secure, fast and reliable

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We will launch a new way to do cloud-native solutions in Q4 2022. Cloudshift21 will provide all the necessary tools to manage and develop business in cloud: analytics, CaaS (Container as a Service), monitoring & performance management, AI/ML/DL libraries, service catalogues, business intelligence API’s, data services and cloud-native devops capabilities.



Cloudshift21 is a technology spin-off from Nokia. Technology was developed during 6 years in demanding environment as a cloud- based service platform for mobile operators; it needed to comply with global telco requirements, regulations, data security and privacy. And platform needed to adapt to local business and regulatory needs.

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The service is based fully on open philosophy, cloud-native, cloud mature with robust security and privacy design.It complies with latest 5G and open cloud requirements.

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The underlying principle was to give maximum freedom of choice to the developers & users, reduced complexity and risks in cloud developments and deployments. And a peace of mind to CTOs/CIOs.


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Our mission is to help our customers move operations to cloud with speed and higher productivity. Cloud’s performance is built on three superpowers: collaboration, coordination and co-creation. Working in cloud should be agile, easy and secure. And reduce your costs and complexities.

We are looking for two key individuals to join our core team.

Agile mindset, curiosity, persistence, disruptive thinking and focused on delivering. Combine that with 5-10 years experience with cloud based open source / open architecture technologies and we’d like to hear from you.

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