Cloud Vapor: A Cloudshift21 White Paper

The Systemic Problems With The Conventional Cloud—And The Disruption We Need To Fix It

Since it was first envisioned, cloud computing has been billed as an incredible leap forward for developers, businesses, and end-users. Its introduction gave substance to the dream that anyone could have easy, affordable access to substantial compute resources from nearly anywhere on Earth.

Companies eager to escape the burden of private datacenters and on-premises server infrastructure jumped at the opportunity to outsource into the future.

Indeed, the way the big cloud providers set up and offer their platform services to this day makes it a lot easier for a developer to put together an application. But with the novelty gone we see customers of all sizes increasingly questioning where exactly this cloud-driven golden age is and when—or if—it’s ever going to actually arrive.

Cloud customers are hurting. They’ve discovered that the vast benefits that come with moving to cloud-hosted development or operations extract a huge toll as a counterweight. There are the ballooning direct expenses, eye-watering indirect costs, sky-high technical barriers, complicated configurations with resulting security problems, and total platform lock-in. With the benefit of hindsight some even opt to repatriate and return to fully self-managed solutions.

So what went wrong? And what’s the solution?

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