Use Case: Turning a Great Idea Into a Product

Our Focus

Carmen is a startup entrepreneur with a great idea for a new software solution. Everything is very new and while her idea shows promise, she’s far from having six- or seven-figure venture capital funding.

Background Brief

Carmen has just put the finishing touches on her business plan for her great new software solution. She’d gotten some great initial feedback from her potential market, and is ready to start building, but the majority of the work will be on her and her business partner.


With The conventional Approach

Carmen’s instinct is to grab her laptop and start developing. It’s a tool she already has at her disposal, and it’s cost-effective for her immediate needs. She doesn’t have the budget to cover the major costs of cloud development—nor does she have the expertise to configure or maintain a cloud instance.

Keeping her app’s development local works for its current power requirements in the demo stage, and it also allows her to bring her product to presentations as everything is local on her device.

On the downside, while she’s focused on the app’s primary functionality, other critical aspects like operability, serviceability, and scalability are relegated to afterthoughts. This is a common issue faced by many entrepreneurs and startup founders due to a combination of resource and knowledge limitations.

The end result is that once the product is successful, all of these shortcomings become vividly apparent, completely consuming Carmen’s infant company with patching, repairing, and responding to customer complaints.

With a Cloudshift21 Cloud CapsuleTM

Using her Cloud CapsuleTM instead of coding locally on her laptop, Carmen is able to avoid the majority of the pitfalls mentioned above while retaining all of the benefits.

There’s no configuration and maintenance with the Cloudshift21 Capsulized CloudTM, so Carmen can get to work immediately after signing up. There are no costs for her to worry about beyond her single, transparent, radically affordable monthly fee, and in exchange she gets a cloud-native environment that’s both infinitely more powerful than her laptop and still fully portable as she brings her product to show at investor meetings.

She can code in whatever language she prefers—just like on her laptop—but fully in the cloud. And now her app benefits from top-tier scalability, security, and long-term operability from day one. Without having to manually integrate, budget or specially prepare for it, her app is built on a platform that supports user-handling, multi-tenancy, linear cloud-based scaling, big data-level security, and core services like monitoring, analytics and more.

She’s able to leverage the power of the cloud from the beginning without slowing down development or spending significant funds—and thereby secures her product for a future of growth. As an added bonus, because of the architecture behind her Cloud CapsuleTM, she’s able to duplicate or fork her development to any other Cloud CapsuleTM Workspace—including on nearly any conceivable infrastructure setup—without rewriting or porting her app.

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