Use Case: Re-patriating from Public Cloud

Our Focus

Moving applications to cloud is what many companies are doing. The promise of endless compute resources, a large set of pre-made services and wide availability is a compelling proposition. The big providers are also offering a lot of services for free or to a very low cost in the beginning. All the details of the picture usually emerge only after a while at which time there already exists a strong lock-in to the chosen provider.

Background Brief

Cloudcap started to move their own applications to cloud some years ago. At the time it felt like a very compelling proposition to get rid of all own HW environment management and to get access to more or less endless resources when needed.


With Public CLoud

After the initial period of starter credits and very compelling pricing options realities began to creep in. There was a steady increase in costs the more of the highly marketed platform services were taken into use and the monthly invoices increased in size and complexity. Nobody could fully evaluate anymore where the costs came from and why. Controlling the developer teams also got very difficult as developers were keen to explore new opportunities offered and the resulting costs couldn’t fully be associated with benefits. Daily operations got more and more demanding as the monitoring and resource utilizations follow-up tooling provided by the provider was found to be less than stellar.
Finally – some studies showed that the chosen public cloud provider wasn’t the optimal one based on actual workload and utilization. Switching to another provider would not change the overall picture very much.

With a Cloudshift21 Cloud CapsuleTM

The Cloudshift21 platform is a truly environment agnostic solution. Any use case or application developed on one instance can be freely copied to and run on any other instance independent of underlying infrastructure. The platform creates a fully integrated layer on top of infrastructure always presenting the same interface and services/features to users.
There would be an initial effort to transfer the existing applications to Cloudshift21 but it would be well worth it because:
1. The Cloud Capsule would bring cloud to own premises without having to invest in buiilding up an own dedicated cloud infrastructure;
2. Any application written on one Cloud Capsule could be moved without change to any other Cloud Capsule instance. This would enable use of e.g. local instances;
3. Cloud Capsule would bring e2e monitoring of all layers in an integrated fashion and across instances;
4. The API capabilities would enable use of Public Cloud services when needed. This would also help with the initial transfer as existing parts could continue running where they are;
5. No special skills required to build a cloud environment, all necessary layers are integrated into the Cloud Capsule framework;
6. Controlling costs would be extremely simple – a single monthly charge would include all the layers necessary.

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