Use Case: Scaling SaaS Solutions

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StartApp is a small company with a great product that they developed on their own as a startup. From humble beginnings they now have a significant user base with an impressive growth trajectory—and their app’s early oversights and shortcomings are beginning to surface.

Background Brief

StartApp is successfully marketing their app as a SaaS. It started out small and with a great market reception leading to fast user uptake, it’s been growing at a healthy pace.

Since the app was a bootstrap project by StartApp’s founders, long-term operations and serviceability weren’t priorities during initial development. That was fine for launch and the first year or two of growth, but it’s now becoming a scalability and quality issue.

The app is currently hosted in a commercial data center. StartApp knows the cloud could be a good way to enable scalability and serviceability, but the complexity and costs involved in configuring, maintaining, and operating on the cloud are intimidating factors keeping the founders hesitant to migrate.


With The conventional Cloud Solution

Because StartApp’s… well, app… wasn’t originally developed with multi-tenancy in mind, it’s facing a number of significant operational issues related to not being able to effectively isolate different parts for different users.

Attempting to do this without true multi-tenancy has resulted in the app’s separate setups each  taking on a life of their own, leading to multiple entire implementations of the app with a resource load that’s been collectively spiraling out of control.

The same has been true for infrastructure as each separate implementation has had to be set up on its own hardware assignment. The end result is that no matter how much additional hardware is allocated to the app overall, performance continues to degrade as it’s become nearly impossible to keep up with the optimization and refinement needs of each of the app’s forks.

With a Cloudshift21 Cloud CapsuleTM

StartApp has one of the most ideal use cases to make use of the Cloudshift21 Capsulized CloudTM, which was built for full multi-tenancy as well as linear scaling and guaranteed security.

Because StartApp’s Cloud CapsuleTM is a fully integrated cloud stack, resources can be fully pooled to offer a purely optimal allocation per user. Even better, because their Cloud CapsuleTM Workspace can be cloned multiple times within their single Capsule for only a marginal increase in resources, each user’s unique implementation can be fundamentally identical—with each utilizing a single central program core.

On the other hand, each customer-specific implementation can still be entirely unique to their needs by making use of Workspace-specific add-ons.

It would even be possible to provide access to the underlying platform to individual customers in a way that would surface their own data—as well as an isolated development environment and analytics—without risking a breach into that of any other customer.

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